Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Museum Trip

23 March 2017

Room 7's Trip to the Museum

Room 7 had a great time at the museum today and these are some of the fascinating discoveries we made...

Discovery #1
Did you know that the brain of the dinosaurs are often small in size in comparison to their bodies because they actually don't have to think too much beyond their next meal?
Here's Henry with a replica of the brain of a T-Rex

Discovery #2
Did you know that plates of the stegosaurus can move to stay open or close to help regulate its body temperature?

Discovery #1
Did you know that there is a special name for fossilised dinosaur poo and paleontologists study them? (They are known as coprolite)

More snapshots of our time at the museum...

Ranbir with a dinosaur toe

Horns of the triceratops

Paleontologists of the future

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